Expodisc 2.0 82mm White Balance Filter Neutral

SKU: EXPOD2-82 UPC: 751751000176
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The Expodisc 2.0 82mm White Balance Filter Neutral is a custom white balance filter that allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance. Consistently producing excellent results in natural, artificial, and studio lighting, the versatile ExpoDisc 2.0 even excels in difficult mixed lighting environments. The ExpoDisc 2.0 is far easier to use than any gray card, white card or calibration target. Simply place the ExpoDisc 2.0 in front of your lens and capture the incident light while setting your camera’s custom white balance. Using an ExpoDisc 2.0 custom white balance will virtually eliminate the need for RAW or JPEG post-capture color adjustments.