Extending Depth of Field with George Lepp Workshop (March 19th)


Excludes AK and HI

March 19th
1pm - 4pm
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Extending Depth of Field Workshop
With Instructor, George Lepp

Seldom is there enough depth of field (that is, range of sharpness) in an image, especially if the photographer is working with telephotos or in macro. Digital imaging is offering photographers techniques to extend depth of field beyond that which can be achieved with traditional manipulation of exposure or by using specialized lenses. This program offers a complete discussion and demonstration of the concepts and technique of stacking, or compositing a series of images that capture a full range of sharp focus throughout the image.

Don't miss George's Wildlife Photography Seminar on Friday, March 18th! $14.95 reserves your seat at the seminar and is refunded back to you on a pictureline gift card.


Overview of Methods to increase Depth of Field 

  • Stopping Down
  • Tilt/Shift
  • Stacking

Applications and Techniques for Stacking Images.

  • Stacking for landscapes and larger subjects
  • Manual stacking technique
  • High-magnification stacking, flowers, bugs and snowflakes
  • Introduction to the StackShot

Software Programs for Assembly of Stacked Images

  • Zerene Stacker
  • Helicon Focus
  • Photoshop CS

George D. Lepp


One of North America’s best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers and a leader in the field of digital imaging, Lepp is the author of many books and the field editor of Outdoor Photographer magazine, where his “Tech Tips” column is widely read. His work is extensively published and exhibited, and his stock photography is represented by Getty Images, Corbis, and Photo Researchers. Lepp is one of the first members of Canon USA’s Explorers of Light and Printmasters programs, featuring the industry’s most influential photographers. He has presented hundreds of lectures and led workshops all over the world, and often serves as a judge of international photography competitions. Lepp has won many awards for his work, including the Photographic Society of America’s prestigious Progress Award. First trained in wildlife and wildlands management, Lepp later earned a BA and an honorary MSc from Brooks Institute of Photography. Among other titles, George and his wife Kathryn have published Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field (Lark Books).

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