FotoFly Academy Creative Composition (August 26th)



August 26th
FotoFly Academy
57 South 600 East,
Salt Lake City, UT 84102


Creative Composition

A key method to establish your photographic style is how you compose your images.  Composition is much more than cropping.  Composition is your opportunity to really highlight your creativity.  Composition is how the story of your image is told.

Photographers often don't realize all of the composition options that exist.  Fully utilizing every composition technique will increase your creativity and empower you to take your storytelling to another level.

In this workshop, we'll demonstrate the composition techniques that help photographers evolve from typical and average to unique and remarkable.  You'll be inspired to be more creative and bold.  Hopefully, your goal will be to deliver something that your customers haven't seen before.

Time Frame:

    • 3:00-4:00:  Learn the basics of composition.
      • Know when to make your composition 'irregular.'
      • To center or not to center?  Should your image be horizontal vs. vertical? 
      • When should you tilt your camera?
      • Change your point of view to make your images interesting.
    • 4:00-5:00:  Use framing to make your images more refined.
      • See and use the shapes around you.
      • Know how 'leading lines' can add interest and dimension to your images.
    • 5:00-6:00:  Balance is important to making your images pleasing to view.
      • Learn about PHI and use it to make your off-center images appear balanced.
      • You'll learn how to use the objects, shapes, people, shadows, reflections, and the subject's own body to balance an image.
      • Understand the value of symmetry and when make your purposely make your image asymmetrical.
    • 6:00-7:00:  Making something out of nothing.
      • Learn how to be more situationally aware.  See the creative opportunities that others miss.
      • Use repeating patterns, textures, light differences, shadows, reflective surfaces effectively to take your creativity to another level.
      • Removing context to create beauty from distraction.