Get To Know Your Camera - Part 2 (June 2019)

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 June 5th & June 12th 



Get To Know Your Camera - Part 2 builds upon the foundation of our Get To Know Your Camera Part 1 series of classes. We will now put to use what we have learned as we explore the creative side of photography by introducing you to a variety of tools and techniques that will open the door to limitless possibilities. Part 2 is primarily a "hands-on" approach to photography.

Class One: Wednesday, June 5th

Class Length: 2hrs (1 hour instruction, 1 hour shoot)

Perspective in photography is often the sense of depth or spatial relationships between the objects in the photo, along with their distance with respect to the viewpoint of the viewer.

Hands-on shoot: Portrait

In this class we'll go over all of the elements of composition and how they work together. A lot of photographers take composition for granted and don't understand how to use all of these elements to their advantage. You'll be one step ahead of the game as a master of composition once you complete this course.

Hands-on shoot: Product

Class Two: Wednesday, June 12th

One of the most important skills to learn as a photographer is how to see light. In this class we will help teach you how to see light as a photographer sees it.

Class Length: 2hrs (1 hour instruction, 1 hour shoot)

Available Light
Not every shoot is going to be ideal when it comes to lighting. It's important to be able to make the best of any situation and know how to work the light in any room or environment. We'll talk about the different qualities of light and how to see and use it to your advantage. Students will also be taught how to use reflectors to get the most out of existing light.

Hands-on shoot: Window Light Portrait

Continuous Light
Building on the skills learned from available lighting we’ll teach you how to add additional continuous light. Using off camera continuous LED light panels and light modifiers you will learn how adding light can enhance your photographs.

Hands-on shoot: Product Tabletop

On-Camera Flash 
Moving beyond the pop-up flash and into Speedlights, students will learn the advantages of these small but powerful flash units. By using the manual settings on your camera and utilizing the automation of TTL, students will learn how to get the most out of their speedlights.

Hands-on shoot: Flash Photography