Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl 11X14 10

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Product Highlights

  • Designed for Traditional B&W Printing
  • Resin-Coated Base
  • Pearl 44M Surface Finish
  • Neutral Base Tint
  • Updated Emulsion

Included Items

  • 10 Sheets Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl 11X14
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Developed specifically for traditional black-and-white printing methods, Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Pearl 11X14 10 is a versatile paper with a slightly textured finish. The pearlized, 44M surface finish produces deep black tones and high-quality mid-tone separation without overwhelming surface reflections. An updated emulsion provides a consistent, accurate linear contrast profile, and a neutral base tint responds to a variety of different toning solutions for a precise final print color. This paper lends itself to processing in either trays or via machine, and is perfect for printing conventional B&W negatives as well as chromogenic B&W negative films.