Leica M10 Monochrom

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  • 40 MP full frame black and white image sensor
  • Compact digital rangefinder system camera
  • Silent mechanical shutter
  • LCD Display with touch function
  • Thinner body design
  • No Color Array or Low Pass Filter

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The Leica M10 Monochrom Digital Camera is the latest camera from Leica dedicated to the art of classic black-and-white photography. Leica’s commitment to the form has been elevated to an entirely new level with the introduction of the M10 Monochrom, boasting the latest in image processing and 40 megapixels of resolution. Black-and-white photos will never look better.

The Ultimate Black & White Photography Tool

The M10 Monochrom is a specialized camera that has had the color filter array removed from the CMOS sensor, making it dedicated to black-and-white photographs. By only recording luminance values, the resulting images have greater visual depth, clarity, and tonal range. Deep blacks, bright whites, and a range of exposures filling the zone system return images to the look of classic b&w films from years ago, without losing the convenience of modern digital cameras.

New Sensor for Ultimate Image Quality

The M10 Monochrom is the first camera from Leica to feature a 40MP CMOS sensor. To achieve purely monochromatic images, the color filter array is removed, which also results in sharper and higher resolution images. Leica takes this a step further by also removing the optical low-pass filter traditionally found in digital cameras, increasing sharpness and resolution even further. These two modifications, and the pairing with the Maestro II Processor, allow the camera to output the sharpest images available, with an amazing ISO range up to 100,000.

Familiar Feel and Operation

Based on the hugely popular M10 rangefinder, the M10 Monochrom has all of the same great features photographers have come to expect from a modern rangefinder camera. The large 0.73x magnification rangefinder, with bright-line frame lines make focusing with any M-Lens easier than ever before. As with previous M system cameras, frame lines for 35mm/135mm, 28/90mm, and 50mm/75mm are easily selectable, either manually or automatically when the lens is attached. Built in Wi-Fi, Live View, auto ISO, weather sealing, and Gorilla Glass protective covering on the rear screen round out some of the features that keep the M10 Monochrom relevant in the digital age and make it as convenient to use as it is enjoyable.

See More with Improved Viewfinder

Originally introduced with the M10, the M10 Monochrom also utilizes the new 0.73x magnification rangefinder. This newer design represents a 30% enlargement from previous digital M-cameras, improving the view of subjects during composition. The eye-relief distance was also increased by nearly 50%, making it much more convenient to use, particularly for photographers who wear glasses.

Focusing with Focus Peaking

The M10 and M10 Monochrom make focusing easy, even with longer or faster lenses, by including focus peaking. The Live View function on the camera offers the ability to both magnify the subject on the monitor screen, or mark sharply focused edges with user-selectable colored lines. The peaking visibility has been improved from previous generation bodies, and transfers seamlessly into the Visoflex 020 when attached to the hotshoe of the camera, helping to ensure discretion when required. Thanks to this improvement, fast aperture and longer focal lengths are now easier to use than ever before.