Leica Thumb Support for Q2 (Black)

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Product Highlights

  • For Leica Q2 Digital Camera
  • Improves Camera Ergonomics
  • Slides into Hot Shoe
  • Steadier and More Secure Grip

Included Items

  • Leica Thumb Support for Q2 (Black)
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The Leica Thumb Support for Q2 (Black) is the perfect accessory to improve the ergonomics of the legendary Q2 camera, without sacrificing any of the size that contributes to the appeal of this camera. The Thumb Support slides perfectly into the hot shoe of the camera and provides a support for the thumb, which makes single-handed operation of the camera much easier. This additional support also allows for hand holding the camera at slower shutter speeds, further enabling shooting in nearly any lighting condition.

The Leica Thumb Support also incorporates a passthrough frame button, so no functionality is lost by adding it. Leica has also worked hard to ensure that the fit, finish, and look of the Thumb Support are a perfect match for the elegant design of the Leica Q2.