Light and Motion Stella Pro 7000 LED Light

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Stella Pro 7000 is the most compact, powerful, rugged, portable, cord-free LED light in the industry. Stella Pro is a new concept in professional lighting, designed to handle any environment while delivering beautiful cinema quality light. The water resistant design has a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery that runs for 60 minutes on full power. Plug in the external power supply for longer shoots. The Stella Pro 7000 features a variable speed fan with low decibel levels that only runs after the lights lumen output exceeds 5000. The smooth, even, 120-degree beam can be easily shaped and modified to provide a light that renders colors beautifully with consistent, reliable, regulated output. With a wide range of mounting options, lighting modifiers, and portable power, you can do things not possible with conventional lights. Stella lights are proudly built in our California manufacturing facility and feature a 2 year "Enhanced Experience Guarantee."

• High Output "Chip on Board" LED
• Certified TLCI 93, CRI 90, CCT 5000 Kelvin
• Output up to 14,420 Lux at 1 Meter 
• Internal Rechargeable Li-ion battery for 1 - 4.25 hours of cord-free operation 
• Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
• Sophisticated flicker-free firmware design - tested at 600 fps without flicker
• Regulated lumen output - does not fade during use
• Dimming with continuous or stepped control
• Integrated variable speed fan with low decibel levels automatically turns on when light output exceeds 5000 lumens
• Controlled focus from 120° down to 50° & 25°
• Broad range of accessories including Profoto and Chimera adaptability*
• OLED Digital Display for precise readout
• Runs off wall power, DTAP, 24V
• Fast Charge of 2 hours, 80% Charged in 1.5 hrs**
• Certified performance (FL-1 Standard)

*Compatible Accessories: Chimera Micro Softbox MFR #1355, Chimera Super Pro XXS Plus Lightbank MFR #1000 with Chimera Speed Ring MFR #9610, Profoto OCF Softbox 2' OCTA & Profoto OCF Speedring (w/Profoto Adapter), Spinlight 360® Modifiers

**Certified to professional standards - May vary depending on battery temperature

• 50° Focus Optic, Barn Doors, High Leverage Handle, C-Stand mount, External Power Supply


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