Lume Cube 1500 Lumen Light (Black, Two-Pack)

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Built for Adventure, Ready to Connect, & Eliminate All Boundaries

The World's Most Versatile Light

The Lume Cube’s durable casing is built for action. Providing professional quality lighting to your everyday life, the Lume Cube will allow you to revolutionize your photos and videos.

Made to fit your lifestyle, whether you're loyal to Apple or Android, the Lume Cube is ready to pair with your smartphone. Our free app lets you control flash, duration, and brightness of multiple cubes.

Make the most out of your nights with the Lume Cube and our proprietary accessories. Made to pair with any Casual Capture Device™, you can now illuminate your night-time adventures.

Now your photo studio can be as mobile as you are. With powerful and adjustable light, you can even use the Lume Cube as a slave for your DSLR camera – offering unlimited capabilities for firing multiple cubes to completely light your scene.

Product Features & Capabilities

  • One 1.5" cube
  • 150 lux @ 9ft (3m)
  • Fully waterproof up to 100 ft
  • 1/4" 20 mount on bottom
  • Rechargeable via USB cable
  • Bluetooth ready
  • 2+ hours battery life at 50%
  • Easily mountable with all GoPro & Action cameras
  • Constant light & flash modes
  • Optical slave capability
  • Durable casing
  • Smartphone app to control remotely via bluetooth
  • First ever off-camera flash for mobile photography
  • Sync and control multiple lights simultaneously
  • Quick charge
  • Color temperature 6000K
  • Compatible with iPhone and Adroid phones
  • Buttons to control light output manually
  • How many brightness settings in a Lume Cube?
    • A Lume Cube has 10 manual brightness settings that change in increments of 150 lumens. The brightest setting maxes out at 1500 lumens.
  • What is the size and weight of one Lume Cube?
    • Lume cubes are 1.5 cubic inches in size. One Lume Cube weighs 3.5 ounces
  • How do I connect via Bluetooth?
    • You can easily connect to Bluetooth via the Lume Cube App. Please note you do not connect via the native settings on your smartphone as you might have experienced with a Bluetooth speaker. - Press the right button on the top of the cube while the lens is pointed away from you. - You will see a brief flash that indicated you have activated the Bluetooth. - Open your Lume Cube App and look for the lightning bolt in the upper left corner. - If the Lightning Bolt is blinking, you are not connected. Please ensure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. - If the Lighting Bolt is solid blue, you have successfully connected your cube to your smartphone.