MeFOTO WalkAbout Air Monopod (Titanium)

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Maximum Height
Folded Length
22.1 lbs
Maximum load
0.9 lbs


The WalkAbout Air is Mefoto's most lightweight and compact monopod yet. A monopod is great for using as a stabilizer of cameras and long lenses. It provides maximum mobility, which is great for capturing sports and other live events.

Super Fast Setup
Instant gratification is the name of the game with our new HyperLock leg lock System.
Our mission is simple: make setting up your tripod or monopod faster than ever while making it lighter, smaller and more stable.
1. Hold tripod leg at bottom and twist counterclockwise until it stops.(If you like to count, you will feel 4 clicks.)
2. Pull leg to desired length.
3. Twist leg clockwise until it stops. How easy is that!

Lightweight & Portable
Less is more is our philosophy. Less weight, less stress, more stability, more fun! Its compact size makes it easy to fit in even the smallest of bags for a go-anywhere lifestyle!

Stable & Sturdy
Flexibility is good when life throws you curve balls, but when it comes to monopods – rigidity is king! The innovative HyperLock leg lock, combined with super strong materials makes for a rock solid tripod you can depend on in any situation.

5-year Warranty
Three years when you buy + two years when you register.