More to Photography Part Four (February 2nd)

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February 2nd
Pictureline Classroom 
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


This course, More to Photography Part 4, is completely dedicated to helping you take your artistic eye to the next level. Now that you have all of the basics down, we can move on to understanding the principals of composition. We will discuss composition in great detail so that you can leave with a professional understanding of how to get that "WOW" factor in your photos.

Defining Photographic Composition

In order to create beautiful composition with your photos, you have to understand what composition is and how to recognize it. We will go over all of the aspects that go into creating beautiful composition such as, leading lines, framing, perspective, and more.

Visual Story Telling

It's important that your photos capture a story, or a moment, that your viewers can connect with because that is what makes a photo memorable. This simple concept can transform your work, and help your images really stand out from the crowd.

Types of Composition

In this class we discuss composition types like using pattern, texture, color, shape and more in your photographs. Understanding all the types of composition will help your creative eye distinguish great photo opportunities from bland photo opportunities.

Elements of Composition

Finally, in this class we'll go over all of the elements of composition and how they work together. A lot of photographers take composition for granted these days and don't understand how to use all of these elements to their advantage. You'll be one step ahead of the game as a master of composition once you complete this course.

Be sure to bring your camera because this class includes hands on shooting that will focus on using one of the principals taught in the class. We'll go on assignment with your instructor to apply the concepts you'll learn in a real life setting. This class is for beginning and intermediate photographers with a basic understanding of camera and exposure control.

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