OP/TECH Mini Loop Strap-QD Black

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#1 style as shown, available only in black
MINI  LOOP STRAP™ -  with Quick Disconnects offers increased versatility  over the regular MINI  LOOP.  It has a  large range of adjustability  using a unique slide  and includes a small  quick disconnect (QD)  for added convenience.  The  quick diconnect enables  the user to quickly remove  their equipment in order  to attach the Cam Strap-QD  wrist version or to merely  store the equipment away  in a small pouch.  It  uses a loop-style attachment  for cameras, binoculars  or light meters with  only one connection point.  Merely  disconnect the QD, slide  the small cord through  the connection area creating  an opening large enough  to loop through the remaining  part of the QD.  Once  secured, simply reattach  to the main body of the  strap.  MINI LOOP-QD  is adjustable from approximately  17"-25" and  can be comfortably worn  around the neck or shoulder.