Bowens Gemini 400Rx 2 Head Monolight Kit

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Bowens Gemini 400Rx 2 Head Monolight Kit
The super-value Gemini 400Rx flash lighting kit builds on the success of our best selling photographic lighting sets to bring you an ultra-versatile studio and location kit that is suitable for beginners looking for entry level lighting and professional photographers looking for studio and location lighting with exceptional value for money.

Flash Durations
Familiar features such as fast recycling (1.2 sec) and quick flash durations (1/1000s) are all onboard as well as a full 5 stop flash power range controlled by a single intuitive dial which also controls the proportional modeling lamp. The bright 250W modeling lamp can also be set to Full (100%) or off when required.

Wireless Trigger
Each Gemini 400Rx flash head has a built-in Pulsar Radio Receiver and the Kit comes complete with a Camera mounted Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger.
The Pulsar Tx allows flash sync over 24 different radio zones, using four channels and six studio settings, enabling you to trigger individual light sources or combine them to fire all at once without ever leaving your camera position.

The kit includes two 90cm Silver/White Umbrellas, perfect for portraiture and many still-life applications. The black cover can be simply unclipped and easily removed to leave just the white diffuser, you can then 'shoot through' the umbrella like a softbox.

The Gemini 400Rx Kit includes:
• 2 x Gemini 400Rx flash heads including flash tubes, modeling lamps, power coords and protective flash tube covers. • 2 x 120º Wide-Angle Reflectors with umbrella mounts.
• 2 x 90cm Silver/White umbrellas.
• 2 x 225cm Handy Stand lighting support stands.
• 1 x Pulsar Tx Radio Trigger.
• 1x 1m coiled Sync cord.
• 1 x Carry Case.