PhaseOne IQ3 100MP CMOS Back for Hasselblad H Series

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53.7 x 40.4mm
CMOS Sensor
Hasselblad H
Memory Card


IQ3 Digital Backs, integrated with the XF Camera System, embody the peak of professional medium format performance. In all aspects, IQ3 Camera Systems are geared toward the professional photographer, delivering an efficient workflow and flawless image quality.

100MP, 80MP and 50MP
With three distinct resolution options, the IQ3 Camera Systems ensure the right fit for the right job. Each camera system provides its own particular set of advantages, and each ensures that the end result is exactly as you planned. No need to sacrifice your requirements to match our products - whatever your job entails, we’ll be sure to deliver.

16 Bit Analogue Feel
Color depth has long since been an indicator of digital imaging quality. The richer the color depth, the more natural beauty can be reproduced in the final result. With the 16 bit color depth available in the IQ3 100MP and IQ3 80MP, Phase One carries on a principle commitment to the best possible image quality. We’re proud to continue to provide the subtlety and accuracy of color that 16 bit color depth delivers.

CCD and CMOS Possibilities
With image quality, flexibility and professional choice being a priority at Phase One, we continue to ensure that the right tool is available for the right job. The IQ3 Camera Systems provide options for CCD sensor technology or CMOS sensor technology. If unmatched tonal subtlety and detail retention is a must, the CCD sensor technology of the IQ3 80MP is a perfect fit. If ISO flexibility and LiveView workflow are needed, the IQ3 100MP and IQ3 50MP CMOS solutions are at your disposal.

15 Stop Dynamic Range
Pioneering dynamic range milestone achievements has always been a driving force of technology growth at Phase One. With each new generation of our Camera Systems, we’ve continued to lead the industry in offering the most dynamic range of any other commercially available system. We’re proud to continue that tradition in our premier IQ3 Camera System.

60-Minute Exposures – More Freedom to Explore
The IQ3 Camera Systems are designed to provide you with the ultimate in contemporary flexibility and features. Whether you’re using CCD or CMOS technology, all IQ3 Camera Systems provide you with the flexibility to meet any demand. Exposure times ranging from 1/4000th of a second to a full 60 minutes is just one example of Phase One’s commitment to the extreme demands of professional photographers.

Future Focus
Phase One is always pushing digital imaging forward. The IQ3 Camera Systems benefit from our dedication to always embrace the technological evolution of photography. With the continued introduction of new features, integration options, and tools for the IQ3 Camera Systems, Phase One ensures that you continue to benefit from your investment. With several feature updates already released, each adding new features and value, the XF IQ3 Camera System continues to evolve.