PhaseOne XF Medium Format Kit with IQ3 50MP CMOS Back + Blue Ring prime lens of choice

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44 x 33mm
CMOS Sensor
PhaseOne XF
Memory Card


The XF Camera System is designed with an independent and upgradeable operating system. The Camera OS allows for easy and simple updates, providing both new features and unique customization options. By using the XF Camera System, photographers are able to update the XF Camera System at regular intervals in order to benefit from new technology and dynamic tools.

Upgradable Autofocus
The Honeybee Autofocus Platform is designed with a brand new approach to autofocus. A custom processor, coupled with an independent high-resolution CMOS AF sensor, allows for endless possibilities. Combining a unique floating-point architecture and a fully programmable interface, HAP-1 is easy to expand and will allow us to continuously tailor the autofocus system and release user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Modular Modern Hardware
The XF Camera System is founded on modern hardware and an open platform philosophy, allowing us to continuously add new updates in accordance with the changing pace of technology. Additionally, other manufacturers can interface with each individual component, providing photographers with versatility and customizable solutions to address any scenario.

Built-in WiFi, GPS, & Profoto Flash Sync
The XF Camera System is fully integrated with Profoto’s Air System. This integration allows you to wirelessly trigger any Profoto flash with Air built-in directly from your XF Camera System.

Proven Track Record
When we say that our product life cycles are long, it's a proven fact. Customers who invested in Phase One P series Digital Backs in 2004, have received additional functionality as late as 2014, through both firmware upgrades and Capture One Pro software updates. 

Simple OneTouch user interface
Being the first to embrace new technology and integrate a touch-based user interface in a digital back, we are proud to continue the tradition with the XF Camera System. We call it the OneTouch UI. 

Minimal Learning Curve
The OneTouch UI on the XF Camera System is a seamless combination of intuitive dials, keys and touch screen interactions. Each operation is used only where it makes sense and where you want it. OneTouch UI is designed with the goal of making controls so simple that photographers will feel at home within moments of getting started.

Soft-Configured Controls
The XF Camera System can be operated either from the camera itself or from a tethered computer. To achieve this, we have removed all hard-coded button functionality, including any physical markings on the camera. This allows complete freedom to configure the systems controls to best fit your individual needs.

Intuitive Touch
Two separate, yet fully integrated, touch displays are now available on the XF Camera System. The 1.6” grip screen is designed for clear visibility in any lighting condition using a transflective capacitive touch display. The back screen is a retina touch screen designed to show high-quality image previews, providing the ability to zoom to 100% with a simple tap. With 3.2” inches, there is ample space to compose and review, as well as operate advanced tools.

Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8 Blue Ring Lens for PhaseOne
This is the standard focal length lens offering the greatest versatility. Flash sync up to 1/1600th of a second. A preferred choice for location fashion photographers using fill flash. 

  • Flash synchronization up to 1/1600th
Fast aperture allowing shallow depth of field

  • Extreme optical performance

  • Edge-to-edge sharpness