Pico Camera Table Dolly

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The Pico Camera Table Dolly is a simple and affordable video dolly that gives a stable platform for smaller video productions. Made of aluminum and roller blade type wheels with high quality ball bearings, the 3-1/2 inch wide Pico Table Dolly features three 1/4-20 female thread positions for mounting optional ball heads or articulating arms.  This allows a camera (camcorder, point and shoot, NEX, Micro 4/3, or full size DSLR) as well as accessories to be mounted to the plate of the Pico Dolly.

The dolly has adjustable wheels in the front and rear and glides straight or in circles while taking up minimal room allowing shots of up to 360°. It gives the photographer and videographer the opportunity for shoots that he would not be able to get otherwise. Includes pouch.