Profoto BatPac Portable Power Source

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The Profoto BatPac Portable Power Source is a lightweight and portable battery for Profoto D1 and Acute2 flashes. The BatPac weighs under 25lbs. and is nice and compact at 10x10x14". You'll get up to 300 flashes with D1 1000Ws, 600 flashes with D1 500Ws, 1200 flashes with D1 250Ws , or you can run a 100W halogen lamp for 45 minutes. The Profoto BatPac is multi-voltage with a 120V or 230V power outlet. With the transport bag, handle, harness, and shoulder strap, you'll be able to take the Profoto BatPac on any and all of your shoots at a moment's notice.

Profoto BatPac Key Features:

Safe and reliable Especially developed to power advanced flash equipment like Profoto D1 monolights, guarantees proper function and eliminates the risk to damage the flashes.

Versatile Works with Profoto D1, ComPact and Acute2 flash equipment. But can be used for other electrical devices like chargers, wind machines, refrigerator boxes and constant light sources as well.

High power One BatPac can drive up to 4 Profoto D1 (250Ws, 500Ws and 1000Ws), 2 Profoto ComPact (300Ws, 600Ws and 1200Ws) monolights or one Profoto Acute2 (1200Ws or 2400Ws) generator.

High capacity Integrated heavy duty battery delivers up to 300 flashes with D1 1000Ws, 600 flashes with D1 500Ws, 1200 flashes with D1 250Ws etc.

Integrated protective circuits The BatPac is protected against overcharge, short circuit, high temperature and low input voltage. A ground fault circuit interrupter protects the user and all connected devices.

Handy & transportable A robust nylon transport bag is integral part of the BatPac. The carry handle, detachable shoulder strap and stowable harness makes it easy to maneuver the BatPac even if it is in use.