Profoto D2 With Michael Gray (September 22nd)

Authorized Dealer
September, 22nd
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Michael Gray from Profoto will be joining us at Pictureline to discuss the newly announced D2 monolight flash. The flash is ground breaking for the monolight shooter looking to freeze action and keep up with 20 flashes per second. Michael will have lighting available for hands on.

Michael Gray's formal photographic training began at Brooks Institute of Photography. It was there that he learned to light and fell in love with the possibilities of expression through the use of light. After Brooks, Michael earned a BFA and MFA in Photography studying with Guggenheim fellow Larry McPherson. It was in art school that Michael cultivated the urge to say something with his photographs. After completing his education, Michael opened a studio and gallery with Karl Dukestien. They began developing an Art Photography Program at Front Range Community College. During this time he was fortunate to have two projects supported by NEA and Colorado Historical Society grants. Michael also had a monograph published, and started a family.

Michael is now the Midwestern Regional Sales Manger for Profoto US. In this amazing role, he is able to blend his passion for photographic expression and his love for the craft of shaping light with the most amazing tools in the industry.