Profoto OCF Barndoor

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The Profoto OCF Barndoor  is a compact and portable Light Shaping Tool that gives you precise control of the light spread. The four barndoors can be adjusted individually and the entire tool can be rotated 360° on the flash head, allowing you to control and shape light in an almost infinite number of ways. The OCF Barndoor is made of a strong glass fiber that makes it lightweight and extremely durable. The OCF Barndoor is easily snapped onto the off-camera flash, ready to be used in a matter of seconds.

Perfect for on-location, weddings, still-life and portraits, the Barndoor controls the shape of light and can be rotated freely.  The Barndoor can be used together with the OCF Grid Kit, and comes with a soft bag. Compatible with B1 500 Air TTL & B2 250 AirTTL with B2 head.