Profoto OCF Snoot

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The Profoto OCF Snoot is a compact and portable Light Shaping Tool that drastically reduces the light spread from your off-camera flash. The effect is a crisp and direct light with almost no spill light. The light has a beautiful, round shape, which can be used as hair light or any other application when only a small area needs to be illuminated. The OCF Snoot is incredibly easy to use. You just snap it on the front of your off-camera flash, and in a fraction of a second, you are good to go. The OCF Snoot is made of a strong glass fiber that makes it lightweight and extremely durable.

Perfect for portraits, still-life and accent lighting, the Snoot narrows the light for a crisp, direct & perfectly circular shape of light.  Designed to be compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, the Snoot is made of a glass fiber so it will be durable through any situation.  The Snoot can be used together with the OCF Grid Kit. Compatible with B1 500 AirTTL & B2 250 AirTTL with B2 head.