Rogue FlashBender 3 Large Soft Box Kit

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Product Highlights

  • Fits Flashes 6.75-17" in Circumference
  • Attaches Quickly via Belt & Buckle
  • Folds Flat in Half for Easy Storage
  • Softens Light & Reduces Hot Highlights

Included Items

  • Rogue Photographic Design FlashBender v3 Soft Box Kit (Large)
  • v3 Diffusion Panel
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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The Rogue FlashBender 3 Large Softbox Kit is the perfect modifier to keep in your bag for when you need to soften the light from your hot-shoe mounted flash. Small, lightweight, and easy to carry everywhere, the FlashBender 3 allows for the manipulation and shaping of the light coming from a flash. The included soft box diffusion accessory for the Large FlashBender 3 provides a softer light and prevents the need to bounce light off a ceiling or other surface.

New & Improved from Previous Versions

The FlashBender 3 has several improvements from previous versions. The third generation has improved shapeability by including a new mesh material into the fabric, holding its position better than ever before. Rogue has also improved the attachment strap to grip the flash and remain in place. It’s also designed to fit a wider variety of flashes, from 6.75” to 17” in circumference, making it compatible with a wider variety of strobes, and includes a fast, quick-release buckle to make putting it on and taking it off easier than ever.

Pack Flat Design

Like all FlashBenders, this accessory folds flat and only weighs 8oz, making it the ultimate travel companion and easily accessible on site or in the studio. When fully opened, it’s 10.5" x 11”, and it can be folded in half for transport. Perfect for modifying camera or remote flashes, the Rogue FlashBender 3 Large Softbox Kit is easy to carry and even simpler to use.