Shine Brighter Utah - Workshop for Wedding Industry Professionals (April 20th)

Authorized Dealer
April 20th
1:30 - 4:30 PM
La Caille
9565 Wasatch Boulevard
Sandy, UT 84092



A workshop experience to help the wedding industry shine brighter. Together.

Shine Brighter is the collaborative effort of top wedding industry vendors and service providers coming together to educate, inspire and elevate wedding professionals to take their businesses to the next level.Our goal is to share our knowledge and tools to educate the amazing wedding vendors here in Utah to not only meet, but surpass the expectation of the modern bride and improve the wedding industry as a whole. 

What You Will Learn:

  • What the difference is between online and print publications
  • How to submit your work to an online blog and know what you should be submitting
  • How to work with a print publication, and what magazine editors are looking for
  • How to better present your business and communicate with brides
  • How to apply social media to improve your business
  • The difference between curated content vs. authentic posts and the why behind it
  • How to cross-market your content
  • The difference between advertising + editorial and how advertising affects your feature opportunities
  • Things you should know about collaborations 
  • What to expect from being "sponsored"
  • How to better angle yourself to actually get featured
  • Ways to improve the efficiency and functionality of your business
  • Tools and software to create a business that works in the modern world
  • Why perception is such a big deal and how to make it work for you

Sponsors & Speakers: