Shootsac Lens Bag

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The Shootsac Lens Bag is a shoulder bag that holds 3-6 lenses. While not meant to be a replacement for a traditional camera bag, the Shootsac Lens Bag is rather meant to be a convenient on-the-job bag where you can access your lenses, flashes, and other accessories at a moment's notice. The Shootsac Lens Bag is the perfect bag for photographers in active and demanding shoots who need the right lens when they need it.

The Shootsac Lens Bag is made of wetsuit grade neoprene, providing the ultimate in comfort and protection for your lenses. The Shootsac is lightweight, weighing just 7oz., and is built to conform to your body and move with you. Unlike traditional bulky camera bags that transport your gear and then end up on the ground in a corner, the slim Shootsac is designed to be worn while you shoot, providing quick and easy access to 3-6 lenses, flashes and other shooting necessities. The Shootsac is NOT designed to replace your camera bag or hold your camera with a lens attached.

This Shootsac Lens Bag includes a black neoprene cover, but there are many interchangeable fabric covers that you can use to accessorize your Shootsac and make it your own.