Sony HVL-F43M External Flash

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  • Compatible with Alpha A-mount / E-mount cameras
  • Effective for more than 34.45 ft.

No Problems with Dust and Moisture
Enjoy a dust and moisture resistant design when you’re on a shoot.

Perfect that Portrait
The light caught by the built-in bounce sheet can be directed effectively and easily to create that natural and softened look.

Studio Light Effects
With the ability to trigger other wireless flash units, you can add a creative touch without the hassle of wires.

Fast and Easy Shooting with Quick Shift Bounce
Enjoy a seamless shift between portrait and landscape shooting while retaining key shadow positions from an easy twisting action.

Light up Every Scene with a Wireless Control
Brighten every shot with a wireless off-camera flash or try three flash units with the F43M acting as a controller.

The Power is in Your Hands
Take control of the output power of your flash with the utmost precision using a 22-step power level switching.

Master Pro-Style Bounce Effects
Bounce light from various surfaces with up to 90 degree angle leftward and rightward rotation and 150 degree angle upward rotation.

Easily Attaches to Your Camera
The auto-lock accessory means you can quickly fix the flash to your camera when you’re on the move.

Widen your View
The built-in wide panel covers focal lengths from 0.94 to 4.13 in, extending your flash coverage.


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