Sony RMT-DSLR2 Wireless Remote Control

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Designed for SLT and Compact System Cameras (NEX) - Compatible with a range of NEX and SLT cameras so you can take control of photo and movie composition from a distance

Stop and start the movie action - With wireless controls to stop and start movies you can direct the action while your camera stays in the perfect shooting position

Perfect for self-portraits and wildlife shots - With a wireless infrared connection you can release the shutter when you’re in the shot or hidden away from the camera

Totally avoid camera shake - With the remote commander, you can remotely and accurately release the shutter without touching your camera

Capture different types of image - Self-portraits are simple, and long-exposure shots are possible with the remote two-second shutter release

View images and control settings remotely - You’ll find it a handy way to watch slideshows, movies and adjust settings without touching your camera

The Sony RMT-DSLR2 Wireless Remote Control is compatible with the following Sony cameras: