Sony XLR-K3M Adapter Kit with Microphone

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Wireless digital audio interface support via direct connection to the MI (Multi-Interface shoe) with two XLR/TRS combo connectors and one 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for microphone and line input, with extensive control and maximum performance from professional microphones that helps facilitate the post-processing workflow.


Digital interface connection

Digital interface connection via MI (Multi-Interface) shoe delivers maximum performance from professional microphones. TwoXLR/TRS combo connectors and one 3.5mm stereo mini-jack for microphone and line input, with extensive control, helps facilitate the post-processing workflow and offers broad flexibility for use with a variety of peripheral devices.

Designed to minimize mechanical noise

The hardware is designed to effectively minimize low-frequency vibration and mechanical noise. No mechanical noise will be transmitted via connecting cables since no cables are used to connect the adaptor to the camera. Weight has been reduced (by approx. 25%over the previous model, XLR-K2M), and the strength of the microphone holder has been increased.

Power supply from the camera

The MI (Multi-Interface)Shoe compatibility means that no independent power supply or audio connection cables between the adaptor and camera are required. The power supply from the camera and camera connection cables makes it possible to offer all of this capability in an extremely compact system.

Versatile Connectivity

A supplied MI Shoe audio extension cables allow the adaptor to be mounted on professional rigs and camera cages in a variety of ways, expanding the use of the XLR-K3M adaptor kit from on to off-camera positions.

A variety of input connectors

Two combo XLR/TRS connectors and one 3.5mm stereo mini microphone connector are provided. The combo XLR/TRS connectors function as line inputs, microphone inputs, and microphone inputs with +48V phantom power. In addition to microphones, the combo XLR/TRS connectors can be used to receive input from line sources such as electronic musical instruments.

Audio level link function

Audio level control for INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 can be linked or unlinked as required. When the inputs are linked there is no need to adjust INPUT 1 and INPUT 2 independently, making stereo recording easier. The link works with the AUTO and MANUAL record level modes.

ATT (Attenuator) switch

This switch setting is active when the INPUT1(LINE/MIC/MIC+48V) switch is set to “MIC” or “MIC+48V” for the standard input level.

LOW CUT switch

Use this switch to minimize unwanted noises by attenuating low-frequency components of the input audio from the INPUT1/2 jack.(100Hz / 300Hz)

Audio level dial

The audio level dials allow manual record level adjustment when the AUTO/MAN switch is set to MAN.


Switches between digital and analog input. It should be set to DIGITAL when connected to a Multi-Interface Shoe with the built-in digital audio interface.