Tether Tools Rock Solid Aero Elbow

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A Tether Tools Rock Solid Aero Elbow is the perfect adapter to tilt and rotate equipment to the perfect angle. The elbow is made entirely of lightweight aerospace aluminum and supports a maximum load capacity up to 80lbs(36.5kg). The elbow is designed with TruVu locking technology which adds versatility and secure placement of equipment.

One end of the Elbow has a 5/8" (16mm) Baby stud that positions and locks onto any  5/8" (16mm) equipment such as Tether Table workstations, Wallee Connect iPad Mount or a Local Vu monitor mount. The other end of the elbow has a 5/8"(16mm) Baby receptor as well as a 1 1/8" (2.85cm) Junior Stud to position securely on any grip gear such as light stands, booms or ProClamps.

The Aero Elbow provides 180 degrees tilt and 360 degrees rotation. The Hex head prevents unwanted rotation when equipment is mounted and TruVu Technology enables a secure lock so there is no sagging or movement when equipment is mounted. Many elbows or pins rely on friction and the over-tightening of knobs to hold equipment in place. Unlike traditional designs, the Aero Elbow utilizes TruVu Technology which is a system that, once set, securely locks in place, prevents movement or sagging, achieves precise results and provides peace of mind that equipment is safe. 

All aluminum construction, the Rock Solid Aero Elbow has a load capacity of 80lbs(36.5kg) yet only weights 7oz.  Includes the Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty.  Available in non-reflective black.


  • Maximum Load - 80lbs(36.5kg)
  • Attachment Size - 5/8" (16mm) Baby Receptor, 1-1/8" (2.85cm) Junior Stud
  • Rotation - 360 Degrees
  • Tilt - 180 Degrees
  • Hex Baby Stud Prevents Unwanted Rotation
  • Weight - 7oz (198g)
  • Height - 5 3/4" (14cm)
  • TruVu Locking Technology
  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Non-Reflective Black
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty