Utah Lavender Photography Workshop with Icon Photo Tours (July 17th & 18th, Tues & Wed 2018)

This product is no longer available

This event has passed, July of 2018!

Experience and capture the beautiful vistas and scenery at The Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah with Landscape Photographer Ryan Smith.

The rugged landscape of central Utah contrasts with the serene, fragrant lavender fields and features over 1,400 acres of fragrant herbs including Lavender, Hyssop, Clary Sage, Peppermint, and Golden Rod. In addition to the private and exclusive access to the Lavender fields, you can enjoy views of a serene reservoir, the horse stables and coral amid the pristine natural beauty and fresh mountain air!

Beginners to Advanced, this Photography Tour will be adaptable to all as this it has been carefully designed for photographers of all skill levels, beginner to pro.

Ryan will share hands on photography techniques in the field including camera settings and composition ideas. We will have exclusive access to the private areas of the fields, which are not open to the public. The bright and fragrant rows of lavender are showcased with 360° panoramic views with endless composition opportunities in every direction with the beautiful LaSalle Mountains up close to the east or the reservoir to the west. Each session will offer the attendees the opportunity for both evening and morning light.

* The dates have been chosen for this event based on historical data on peak and ideal times for Lavender Blooms and possible Clary Sage. Lavender blooms can vary by intensity and location within the farm and are not guaranteed. Mid July is the typical bloom but can change year to year.

Workshop Dates

SEGMENT 1 - July 17th 4pm - 8 pm  (morning of July 18th 6-8 am included)
SEGMENT 2  - July 18th 4pm - 8 pm  ( morning of July 19th 6-8 am included )

Meet and Greet  (location details will be provided upon registration)

Segment 1  Tuesday July 17th 3:30 pm
Segment 2  Wednesday July 18th 3:30pm

  • Provide agenda, safety and farm regulations.
  • Q&A

What is included?

  • Exclusive private access to 1400 plus acres and farm. You will go where the public is not allowed for private views and access to the Lavender Fields.
  • We will cover as many locations inside the private fields and farm as possible including  possible sunrise, sunset captures.
  • On-site basic instruction including appropriate camera settings and composition suggestions.
  • In-camera photo reviews and camera setting adjustments where necessary.

Cost of the workshop

  • Current workshop cost is $299 for each segment
  • Spouses and other guests are welcome to attend  but must be as registered paid workshop attendees per the permits.

What is not included in the cost

  • Participant’s meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks are the responsibility of each participant
  • Flight, Hotel, Gas, and other off-workshop activity events
  • Transportation to and from the airport, hotel, or other location

What should I bring for this photo workshop?

  • Camera gear including Camera Body, Lens, Tripod, and any preferred filters
  • Snacks or drinks to stay hydrated while walking the farm
  • Sun Block, insect repellant

What additional photography equipment should I bring to enhance my photos?

  • 1 - 2 Camera Bodies
  • Tripod
  • Available Lenses including Wide Angle & Telephoto Lenses (many options are available at pictureline to rent)
    • Wide Angle: 11-24mm, 16-35mm, 14-24mm
    • Mid Range: 24-105mm
    • Primes: 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
    • Telephoto: 70-200mm, 150-600mm

Any additional workshop requirements I should be aware of?

During the meet and greet before the workshop begins, per farm requirements, each participant must sign a release form which relieves the farm and the workshop guide from any responsibility for any accidents and injuries incurred during the workshop. Every safety precaution will be taken to ensure no one is injured in any way during the workshop.

This form must be signed. Failure to do so will disqualify one from participating in the workshop with full forfeiture of the paid workshop fee and in this case one should not plan to participate in this workshop.

When the workshop guides meets with all participants, each one will need to confirm that he/she is in good physical condition for walking during the workshop.  If one has a medical condition, that participant must notify the workshop instructor of that medical condition.

I'm flying in, where should I fly into?

The closest major airport is Salt Lake City International Airport

Where should I stay if I wish to stay the night for the Sunrise opportunity?

Nephi Utah is the closest City to the Lavender Farm with accommodations. A group rate discount has been negotiated with the Best Western Nephi.

Call 435-623-0624 before July 2, 2018 and indicate you are reserving a room with "Icon Photo Tours"