Video Made Easy with Nikon and RODE Microphones (March 12th, Tuesday)

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March 12th
Pictureline Classroom
305 West 700 South,
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

We all know how great the pictures are from our DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, but are you ready to finally unleash your camera’s ‘other’ side? We know that video can seem a bit overwhelming… not to worry! We have a two for one deal on experts to guide you through your entry into the wonderful world of moving pictures!

Paul Van Allen, Nikon’s National Training Specialist will be on hand to help you sort through the tools and settings to get your camera movie making ready. Topics scheduled to be covered include: Shutter Speeds and why they matter, Power Aperture, Auto ISO in Manual Exposure, Focus Peaking, Zebra Striping, Color Settings and so much more.  Join us as Paul shares his experiences, frustrations, mis-steps and successes, to help 'Still Image Photographers’ move into the world of video.

But... your video is only as good as it sounds. To that end, Ryan White, RODE Microphone’s National Product Specialist, will guide you through and show you all aspects of getting great audio from your RØDE Microphone. He will be showing you how to attach a microphone, set the levels properly, booming, setting up a lavalier, and much more. Basically everything you will need to make your movies sing... literally!!

You could not ask for a better tandem to help you with your first… or next… video project!!

Owners of all makes and models of interchangeable lens cameras are welcome to join the fun! As an added BONUS, you will receive a pictureline gift card of $24.95. Space is limited, so sign up TODAY!