Vu Filters Ariel 72mm UV Filter

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Vü Ariel UV Filters are designed to be a part of your lens from the minute they’re put into place. Equipped with our patented iOLock, which protects the front element of your lens from the environment, Vü Ariel UV Filters also feature an unparalleled UV Rejection coating, which ensures that your images are captured exactly the way you envision them.
Ultra-White Schott German Optics:
The optical glass is ground and polished to achieve the highest performance possible, which makes the filter appear completely invisible to you, your lens, and the image that is captured.
UV Rejection Coating:
Ensures that any unwanted UV reflections and ghosting are eliminated from the image. Capture the image you see through the viewfinder, nothing more, nothing less.
Impact Resistant Glass:
Conforms to the highest specifications for glass hardness in lens filters. It doesn’t make the filter break-proof, but it makes it durable enough to withstand some pretty adverse conditions.
iOLock – Integrated Optik Lock (Patent Pending):
Environmentally seals the front of any lens, protecting it and keeping it safe from the elements and potential impact damage.
Black Edge Coated Glass:
Prevents reflections within the filter, which can degrade overall image quality.
Black Anodized CNC Aluminum Filter Frame:
Milled from a single piece of aluminum, our filter frames are more rigid and resistant to damage from side impacts.
5 Year Limited Warranty:
Covers defects of any kind in the workmanship and materials of the product.
Unsurpassed Optical Resolution:
Our filters are held to the highest optical resolution standards and will not degrade your image when placed in front of a lens.
White Balanced Multi-Coating:
Specially formulated ingredients and coating process assure that recoded image will be exactly the way you captured it.
Hand crafted and Inspected:
Run in small batches, hand crafted, and individually inspected to ensure the utmost in optic quality.