Wasatch Camera Club Meeting (May 19th)

Authorized Dealer
May, 19th
305 W 700 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Wasatch Camera Club Competition

Assigned Theme: Natural Symmetries: Secrets, Symbols, & Sequences
The world of found (as opposed to artificially arranged) symmetries is explored with an eye to uncovering implied or inferred patterns that are hidden to the casual viewer.
Competition submissions open until Sunday, May 1st at midnight.

Wasatch Camera Club will continue with their new approach to our themes this year. Find more information and a full list on their website.

Competition and critiques are a very effective way of improving your photography. (There is an article regarding the benefits on the club president's blog.)  You are strongly encouraged to take part and if you need additional information you will find it here.


In an effort to make sure everyone gets one or two of their images critiqued, we require you to choose only two of your submissions to be critiqued. How do you do this? Simply uncheck the Critique box on all but two images when you submit them. NOTE: If you have more than two images, we'll have to deselect your images until we reach the limit. Our choices may not be the ones you'd prefer.