Westcott Adjustable Shoe Mount

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  • Adjustable shoe mount
  • All-metal construction
  • Tilting capability
  • Built-in umbrella receptacle
  • Fits any standard light stand

This compact bracket is a must-have mounting solution for any photographer. With an array of built-in features and an all-metal design, life is much easier with a few of these laying around your studio.

Fully-Adjustable Speedlite Mount

A must for any speedlite photographer, this light stand bracket features a fully-adjustable cold shoe mount that is compatible with virtually any speedlite.

90-Degree Tilting on any Light Stand

Securely place your equipment on any light stand with this bracket's universal stand receptacle. Then, precisely position your light source and modifier with this bracket's useful built-in tilter.

Built-In Umbrella Mount

This bracket includes a built-in umbrella receptacle for use with any standard photographic umbrellas and umbrella-based softboxes. A tightening screw allows for instant and secure placement of your favorite modifier.


Hidden Stud for Versatile Mounting

Simply unscrew this mounting bracket's cold shoe to reveal a 1/4-20 threaded stud. This measurement is commonly found on a variety of photographic equipment, allowing you to mount gear like the Ice Light onto a stand and tilt it to the desired position.