Westcott FJ200 Snoot with Honeycomb Grid

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Focus Your Light

This durable, all-metal snoot designed for the FJ200 creates a direct, hard beam of light with high-contrast for any style of photography. It renders light into a narrow, soft-edged circle. This snoot is ideal for creative effects on backgrounds or for use as a hair or accent light.

Removable Honeycomb Grid

The included 10-degree snap-in honeycomb grid offers even further light control for precisely directing where the light falls on your subject or scene. This grid also enables selective lighting of areas of your subject. The size of the projected circle of light output can be controlled by adjusting the distance from your subject.

Uncompromising Light Control

Honeycomb grids are made up of cells that control off-axis light in 6 directions. By focusing light through a grid, you eliminate both light spill and lens flare simultaneously for precise illumination.