Westcott Illuminator 20” 6-in-1 Reflector

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Perfect paired.
This kit contains two panels for ideal results. Use the diffuser panel to diffuse harsh overhead light. Fill in unwanted shadows with the second reflective panel.

Choosing color.
All skin tones are not the same, so your reflector color shouldn't be either. This complete kit offers a variety of reflective surface colors which allow you to choose the perfect color for your lighting situation.

Silver offers cool tones and specular highlights while adding “punch” to images,
Gold provides warm tones ideal for fair-skinned subjects,
White (2 stop diffusion panel) reflects light while providing neutral color,
Sunlight gives a subtle and natural warming effect,
Black subtracts or “pulls away” light; or blocks light off completely

Shadows be gone.
Many times, when photographing a subject outdoors, harsh overhead sunlight causes heavy shadows to appear on the face. These can quickly and easily be controlled by placing one of the included diffusers between the subject and the sun. Use the one-stop diffusion panel early morning when the sun is not as strong. For harsh overhead, direct sunlight, switch to the 2-stop panel which offers even greater diffusion.

Eliminate reflections.
Placing the diffuser between a reflective surface and your light source will soften unwanted highlights and harsh reflected light.

Simple set up.
The reflectors included in this kit open and close effortlessly in seconds. They can easily be handheld.

Ideal for outdoor photographers.
Take anywhere by simply throwing in your gear bag, Westcott reflectors are lightweight and fold down to roughly 1/3 their open size. They even come with their own storage case.

Built to last.
Double-riveted spring steel frames are made with the highest quality materials and come with a lifetime warranty. (Compare this to many hand-clamped styles currently on the market that will wear down over time.)