Westcott 9' x 12' Willow Modern Vintage Backdrop

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The Westcott 9' x 12' Willow Modern Vintage Backdrop is a seamless background that adds a vintage yet modern feel to your portraits. This high-quality background is made of extra-heavy matte fabric and the embossed pattern is a lush velour. While many embossed fabrics tend to produce a reflection, this Westcott backdrop delivers a beautiful matte finish, ensuring perfect lighting results. The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, so you'll be sure to achieve professional results every time.

This 9 'x12' photo backdrop features a 4" pole pocket along one of the 9' edges for quick and easy hanging. It also comes with a lint cloth to help you remove any lint that may cling to the velour. The Willow Modern Vintage Background is the perfect backdrop for family portraits, senior sessions, portraits, and more.