Yellowstone Winter Excursion (January 20-25, 2020)

The World’s First National Park, Yellowstone, is a place for inspiration for photographers choosing to face the vast winter landscape. The landscape is a solitude of tapestry of white, covered in blankets of deep powder snow.

Don’t let the solitude of the winter wonderland be deceiving as Yellowstone is very alive with wildlife as massive Bison wander the plains, wolves can be seen stalking their prey and Foxes can be seen looking for their next meal. This coupled with the sheer beauty of the deep snow of the landscape makes this excursion a photographer’s trip of a lifetime.

The five-day lodge-based excursion into the winter wonderland provides you the best opportunity to explore and photograph Yellowstone in a truly quiet, isolated, cold environment. Yellowstone park sees a fraction of people during the winter so this provides an excellent setting for priceless photographs.

We will travel into the park by snow coach from West Yellowstone Montana each day starting before daylight to capture all the activity along the Madison River. From there we will have a specific destination based upon the natural wonders and the wildlife activity.

Undoubtedly, you will leave this excursion with an impressive collection of amazing photographs and a greater appreciation of the Yellowstone eco-system during winter.

You can email or call (307) 690-9562 for more information and reservations.

Total Cost: $3,900

Physical Requirements

All participants must be in good physical condition and have the ability to handle the potentially adverse weather conditions which include extreme winter conditions.


  • Ground transportation to and from Jackson Hole airport
  • snow coach
  • lodging in West Yellowstone
  • all meals
  • medically certified guide

For the full itinerary, more information, and registration click here.