A Classic Camera with a Modern Makeover: Celebrating the Df on Nikon Day

There’s something special about the sound of an old school shutter. With each snap, you hear the shutter open and close. Without even looking at exactly which speed your shutter is set, you can hear the difference between 1/500 s and 1/15 s. Of course you’ll see the difference between the images later, but it’s kind of cool to hear it from your camera first.

It’s this kind of nostalgic relationship and connection that has drawn many to the retro-inspired Nikon Df. We know, we’ve mentioned it before. But how could we not? As the most talked about Nikon product of 2013, we’ll have it on display and ready for you to test on Saturday, December 14th for Nikon Day here at pictureline.

In addition to the Df and all the other great Nikon products for you to try, we’re offering no sales tax on select Nikon cameras, a $20 City Creek gift card with purchase of any CoolPix or two gift cards with purchase of a S800c, and free ski passes with purchase of a Nikon pro lens or a D7100 DSLR or higher model. Nikon Representative, Bill Koter, will be in store to answer any and all questions. So take a walk down memory lane and get to know the Df all over again.


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