Imacon has revealed its first new Flextight multi-format film scanner since its merger with Hasselbald in August.

The new addition is designed specially for roll film users (although it also accepts other formats) and delivers file size up to 600MB. Unveiled at Photokina, the Imacon Flextight Roll Film Scanner automatically detects the mounted film (handling anything from 35mm up to 6x9cm), and can be left unattended throughout the scanning operation.

Variable resolutions are captured by the device's CCD sensor, delivering 8000dpi for 35mm scans and 3200dpi in 6x6cm format. The output files are, claims the company, big enough for creating posters and large format prints.

Scan times vary with the resolution and file size specified, but the company says that a 16-bit colour image scanned at 4000 dpi will take approximately one minute to scan and will deliver a 200MB file. This means that an entire roll will scan in around 40 minutes.

Hasselblad adds that photographers should add an additional five to 10 seconds per frame for the automatic image recognition and focus calibration processes.

The scanner also incorporates a computer-controlled active cooling facility and both hardware and software based auto dust removal. These features do not impact on the scan times.

Also bundled with the scanner is Imacon's FlexColor software and 3F (Flexible File Format) digital data management software, which supports the output of both TIFF and Imacon 3F or raw format files.

The scanner is Windows and Macintosh compatible and interfaces via FireWire.

It will be available in January, priced at EUR21,995 +VAT.

Found from British Journal of Photography via

November 2004