Elinchrom’s best selling compact, the Style 400 BX has two new models, the 250 and the 500 BXRi. Instead of being based on the Style 400 BX these new heads are based on technology that robotically manufactures the main board. This allows Elinchrom to create extremely dependable strobes, keep the weight and size down and, more importantly, add computer chips and memory for internal software capabilities.  The Ri designation means remote control and Eye-Cell technology.

Just like their brothers, the new multi-voltage BXRi’s are targeted at portraiture, still-life, product, and architectural photography customers. The new case has the thermally controlled fan located at the bottom of the housing instead of on top like the current style.

New features include:

Built-in Skyport Triggering – Using a Skyport Trigger can completely control the BXRi
including power up and down and turning on/off modeling light using eight frequencies and four
workgroups. However, to help separate them from the more professional Style RX’s, the BXRi’s do
not show up on Skyport software.

Visual Flash Confirmation – Modeling light can turn off until flash is ready to fire.

– When using BXRi’s in optical slave mode with cameras or pocket flashes with a pre-
flash, user can program the number of pre-flashes or have the head automatically program on its

Power & Modeling Lamp Steps – Can modify 1/10 step increments to any 1/20, 1/30, … 1/90, 1 stop.

Proportional modeling light setup – When using compact flashes of different powers the modeling lamp can be reduced or increased 1 f-stop for better visualization.

Change ready beep sound length – The length of the ready beep can be changed from 70 to 490 m/seconds.

October 2010