Firmware specification changes

Click here to download the firmware update from Canon

This firmware update incorporates the following improvements:

Fixes the phenomenon where the images are monochrome.
Fixes the phenomenon where the shutter cannot be released when using the EOS 5D + EF85mm F1.2L + Speedlite580EX. (*)
*: For EOS 5D units that contain 1 in the fifth digit of the body number (e.g., XXXX1XXXXX), the correction will not be reflected even if the firmware is updated to Version 1.0.5.
If you have an affected product that you would like to have fixed, please contact the nearest Canon Service Center.

This firmware update applies to cameras with firmware versions up to 1.0.4 installed. If your camera's firmware is already version 1.0.5, it is not necessary to perform this update.

March 2006Technical documentation