Firmware v02.04

This firmware version provides the following upgrades:
- Additional RAW file support: The P-2000 now supports RAW format (.cr2 and .crw) images taken on a Canon EOS Kiss Digital N digital SLR camera. Note: For a listing of all digital SLR cameras supported by the P-2000 in RAW format, please refer to PSB.2005.03.001R3 on the epson website.
- For pictures taken on a Konica Minolta a-7 digital camera, the P-2000 can now display images in a proper chronological sequence by reading the "Updated" date information from the image header.
- The processing time to identify an sD card when first inserted into a P-2000 has been increased to eliminate time-out errors that may occur on certain manufacturers cards.

* if you're firmware version is still 01.01 please upgrade to version 02.02 before upgrading to version 02.04.

BOTH firmware updates can be found at the Epson P2000 download page here.

July 2005Technical documentation