Unlike others’ systems, the Olympus online firmware update service is highly-automated. It checks the firmware used. If necessary, the latest version can be automatically downloaded and installed.
The whole process is very easy and just takes a few minutes. You can get back to work immediately with an enhanced system. All that’s needed is the Olympus Viewer ver. 1.1 or later or Olympus Studio software ver. 1.1 or later and an internet connection.

Ver. 1.3

It is now possible to set the time period for how long one setting in the menu remains active until it reverts to default.

Stability of Digital ESP and Centre weighted average metering has been improved.

The camera start up process has been changed to support interchangeable lenses that will be released in the future.

Two scene modes, Underwater Macro and Underwater Wide, have been added.

If the firmware is updated to version 1.3, all settings except the date will be cleared and returned to the factory default setting.

Get the update here. http://www.olympus-pro.com/index.eu.uk.html

July 2005Technical documentation