First Look: Rokinon Cine Lenses, Redrock Micro, Induro Hi-Hat

Videographers, this one's for you. Our video guru Arrius is back today with yet another First Look at some stellar video gear. Today, Arrius introduces us to the Rokinon cinema lenses we just started carrying and are stoked about. He'll also show you the Induro Hi-Hat and some must-have gear from Redrock Micro. Check it out in the video below:

My name is Arrius—welcome to First Look! Today we are checking out five new products that we have here at pictureline. Today we are checking out Induro's Hi-Hat. We'll also be checking out Rokinon's line of cinema lenses, and then we will be checking out Redrock Micro's DSLR ultraCage, shoulder pad, and follow focus system.

The Induro Hi-Hat System is both affordable and versatile. The extendable legs allow about 2 inches of maneuverability when you are trying to get the right height on your Hi-Hat. This Hi-Hat system features a 100mm ball head system with a 3/8 attachment that you can connect almost any head to. You can also put a ball mount fluid head system into the Induro mount tripod. The Induro Hi-Hat is $250 and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

We recently brought in some really exciting, affordable cinema lenses made by Rokinon. These lenses come in a 14mm T3.1 and a 24mm 50mm and an 85mm T1.5. These lenses are fully manual, and there is no auto focus feature. They are manual aperture and manual focus. I recently went up and shot stills at Park City Mountain Resort. I am really impressed with the stills coming out of these lenses. Rokinon Cinema lenses come in Canon EF mount and Nikon F mount. They range from about $340 to $750.

With these gear lenses, you are going to need a follow focus system. Redrock Micro recently released their blue professional follow focus system. The accuracy and feel of this follow focus system allows the assistant cinematographer or run-and-gun shooters to really be more precise with their focusing. With built in hard stops, writing on the hard discs is not always necessary. You can also adjust these stops to pull past them if needed. There is zero play in this follow focus. It is also compatible to become a double sided setup. The 3D marking disc can illuminate with optional flares for night shooting. The Redrock Micro Blue follow focus system retails for $795.

I have the original pad. Not only is the new pad more comfortable as you are carrying it around a shoot, but it also helps you so you don't get a dutch angle in the middle of your shot because your shoulder is sagging. I like Redrock's push to make more professional cages that are centered around specific cameras. The Blue DSLR ultraCage not only protects your camera, but also allows for top handles and other accessories via the 3/8 mounting points. The ultraCage fits the Nikon D800 as well as the Canon 5D mark II and the 5D mark III and the Canon 7D. It also allows for easy access into the battery compartment when changing batteries. In addition, pictureline is proud to be carrying not only the DSLR cage but also the Canon c100 ultraCage and the blackmagic cinema camera ultraCage. Enough talking, lets take some of these products out on to a shoot. Tonight we will be shooting some local skiers at a rail session.

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