Focus on Photographers: Fashion Photographer Beth Lane

I got into photography after graduating from film school. I fell for the idea of attempting to create a story within a single frame. In my photos I try to capture that sense of romance and freedom you have in those moments between adolescence and adulthood. I am inspired by dreamy music, films (particularly ‘Days of Heaven’ by Terrence Malick and the work of the French New Wave directors) and the photographers Ryan McGinley, Lina Scheynius and William Eggleston.






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Going in to a shoot, I want the model to feel as comfortable as possible. I try to direct in a seamless, free kind of way by using subtle suggestions and ideas rather than commands. I try to let the model know when something looks good or awkward. Usually after an hour or so of shooting, the model picks up what I am after and poses very naturally and organically. I like to think that it's a collaborative process.

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September 2013