Tips for Engagement Shoots: What to Wear/Do to Bring Out Your Personality

So you've got your engagement photos coming up. What in the world do you wear? Here are my 10 tips from a photographer's perspective on what you should wear/do for your engagements to bring out your personality:

1. Coordinate your clothes, but don’t be too matchy. I also love layering and different textures in the outfits.

2. Bring at least two outfits, but preferably three. I love the variety that it brings to the shoot and your personality.


3. Wear clothes that you like and are comfortable in. If you don’t, you will look uncomfortable in your pictures.

4. Don’t be afraid to be goofy and playful. Some of the best pictures I get are when my couples are messing around and being themselves and you can really see how they interact with each other.

5. Have a professional do your hair and make-up. It really makes such a difference. Fake lashes are A MUST! They really open up your eyes and make your eyes pop!



6. Bring any props/accessories that have meaning to you as a couple. This will showcase your personality. (for example, musical instruments, pets, jewelry, blankets, a game you play, sporting equipment, something from your grandparents, etc.)

7. I love when my girls wear at least one skirt/dress. It just adds that girly feel, and it’s fun to photograph.

8. Use accessories/props that will add to your personality. Like jewelry, balloons, ice cream, chalk writing, umbrellas, hats, flowers, leaves, bubbles, etc.



9. Choose a location that will reflect both of your personalities and styles and also look great with the outfits you chose. Talk to your photographer before about your outfits so they can tell you the best locations.

10. Last, but not least, hire a PROFESSIONAL photographer. There are a lot of reasons why, but just a few: the pictures will look a lot better, your photographer will know great locations/poses/how to make you smile and look natural, and they just have EXPERIENCE, which really makes all the difference. You are also sending these usually in your invitations for ALL to see, so you want everyone to see you as a couple at your best. The last thing to remember is that not all photographers are the same, and not all couples are the same, so speak up and let your photographer know who YOU are so it is reflected in your pictures!

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September 2013