Hasselblad H4D-60 Camera System

Featuring a 60 Mpixel MF sensor and the revolutionary new True Focus technology, the H4D-60 camera system will change the way you think about high-end photography. The H4D series is built upon the successful H3D platform and comes bundled with our new Phocus 2.0 imaging software.

We are proud to announce the launch of the H4D camera series, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the history of medium format DSLRs. The H4D-60, the first model in this new series, features a 60 Megapixel medium format sensor and True Focus with APL (Absolute Position Lock), making auto-focus substantially easier and more accurate for photography professionals. Like the rest of the H System, the H4D has been specially designed to meet the most exacting demands of high-end commercial photographers who require the ultimate in both image quality and performance. Simply put, the H4D is the natural evolution of our H System and of our photographic strategy in general.

True Focus and Absolute Position Lock
Our revolutionary new True Focus technology helps solve one of the most lingering challenges that faces serious photographers today, true, accurate focusing throughout the image. The new Absolute Position Lock (APL) processor uses modern yaw rate sensor technology to measure angular velocity in an innovative way, accurately logging camera movement and using these exact measurements to calculate the exact distance needed for proper focus. The H4D’s firmware then further perfects the focus using the precise data retrieval system found on all HC/HCD lenses. This technology takes AF to an entirely new level, allowing photographers to concentrate on their composition, to focus on their creativity, while True Focus takes care of the other, more mechanical focus.

September 2009