How many images will fit on my memory card?

You've spent plenty of time researching the perfect camera.  You've taken things like enlargement sizes, lighting conditions, lenses, cases, etc.  However, you're still unsure what size card to get for your new camera, and one question that we seem to always get, is "How many images can I get on a memory card"?

Resolution and compression level (if not shot in RAW) can both play a role in determining the number of images you can fit on your card, and thus, what size card you should get.  Below is a chart that will give you some rough estimates how much each card can hold when shot in the best JPG mode on many digital cameras.

Below is a chart showing the same size cards, but significantly lower photo numbers due to shooting the camera in the RAW setting.  With either of these charts we recommend comparing your file size to that listed for more accurate estimates.

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Card capacities and estimates provided by SanDisk

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