Impossible and Polaroid announce the Polaroid Classic line

Impossible and Polaroid Team Up On a New Product Line That Celebrates Polaroid’s Past and Analog Instant Photography

Impossible and Polaroid has announced their collaboration with the launch of the Polaroid Classic line, a new product line that celebrates Polaroid’s rich 75 year legacy. The Polaroid Classic line will remind and delight Polaroid fans new and old of some of the most memorable products and designs in Polaroid history that both embrace the past and celebrate the future.

The Polaroid Classic line brings together two of the world’s most influential voices in instant photography and is the result of a long-time collaboration between Impossible and Polaroid. The Polaroid Classic line draws upon design cues from Polaroid's rich 75 year legacy and will initially focus on collector’s items from different eras in Polaroid history. Polaroid and Impossible will continue to work on additional items that will be sure to delight all Polaroid fans.

"Impossible is proud to carefully develop and produce this new product line together with Polaroid," said Florian Kaps, founder of Impossible. "By adding these design classics from the core of Polaroid to Impossible’s existing endeavors we are celebrating the real spirit of true analog instant photography."

With the Polaroid Classic line, Impossible and Polaroid are teaming up and carefully selecting, producing and globally distributing an assortment of iconic Polaroid Classic branded products. Each year, Impossible and Polaroid will introduce six to ten meticulously chosen items from Polaroid’s most beloved products.

Available beginning today, the inaugural Polaroid Classic line embodies the essence of analog instant photography and includes:

  • Original Polaroid Image INSTANT FILM: contains two packs of original Polaroid Instant Film, for Polaroid Image and Spectra cameras. Available in a limited quantity, this film is from the last Spectra production run in 2008, carefully tested by Impossible.
  • Polaroid Classic "Do-It-Yourself" Paper Camera Kits: craft time gets an instant update with paper models of classic Polaroid cameras that include faux mini Polaroid photos that develop when rubbed and other intricate details.

"The Polaroid Classic line is a tribute to the heritage of analog instant photography," said Scott W. Hardy, Polaroid’s President. "Together with The Impossible Project, Polaroid is thrilled to give both new and old fans products that embrace design elements from yesterday and can be enjoyed in the present."

Additional Polaroid Classic products will be introduced throughout the year. All items will be available on, as well as in The Impossible Project Spaces in New York, Vienna and Tokyo. Visit to learn more about the Polaroid Classic line.

Impossible and Polaroid will also present a series of artist collaborations throughout 2012 in The Impossible Project Space NYC. The first group gallery show INSTANT REVOLUTION will be on display at the Impossible Project Space NYC from February 9 to March 23, 2012. Visit and for additional information and updates.

January 2012