Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Eco-Ringflash Set

Many of you already know that Ringflashes are a terrific photographic accessory for fashion and macro work. For fashion work the light strikes the subject and falls off very quickly. When doing macro work the subject is often so close to the lens that the only way it can properly be lit is with a Ringflash.

With its ultra portability Elinchrom’s Ranger Quadra is a perfect pack to operate a Ringflash. For this reason, Elinchrom has added a fifth set to the Quadra line of kits. The Ranger Quadra Eco Ringflash Set is an affordable Ringflash system that combines a Quadra RX with the RQ Ringflash ECO and a Skyport Speed Transmitter. As a reminder, here is information on the RQ Ringflash Eco.

Ranger Quadra Eco Ringflash To Go Set:

Ultra Portable – Compact and lightweight size makes this kit perfect for location work.
Skyport enabled – Control lights power right from the top of the camera.
400ws Output – Studio power (6 stops) with or without A/C power.
Fast recycle times – Keeps the creative juices fl

January 2012