Joby Ballhead X for Gorillapod

The portable yet sturdy Joby Ballhead X for Gorillapod Focus supports 5kg (11.1lbs) and allows you to easily and
fluidly pan, tilt, and rotate your camera while still enjoying the versatility and reliable support of a Gorillapod on
virtually any surface.
Built with the serious photographer in mind, the Ballhead X is lightweight and compact, yet still robust enough to
support professional SLR cameras with substantial zoom lenses and serious camera rigs. It further extends the
functionality of the Gorillapod Focus by allowing even more creative camera positioning, enabling you to capture
great shots anywhere your travels take you! While it is optimized for use with the Gorillapod Focus, the Ballhead X
can accommodate both 3/8" and 1/4" threads, allowing convenient compatibility with any tripod.


• Supports 11.1lbs of equipment, cantilevered. Full 360-degree panning and 90-degree tilt allow you to position your camera equipment at virtually any angle and capture portrait or landscape shots with ease.
• The incredibly lightweight, compact, and portable form factor makes it the ideal ballhead for the photographer on-the-go. Throw one in your backpack or gearbag to archive your next adventure.
• Completely compatible with any camera under 11.1lbs and nearly every standard stabilization device.
• Universal mounting plate stays connected to your camera and slides into the Ballhead X for easy setup
and quick interchangability; switch between cameras in an instant.
• Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction delivers durability with smooth movement.
• Professional all-black finish minimizes reflectivity when photographing reflective surfaces.
• Adjustment knobs with durable TPE easily lock the Ballhead into place, securing it tightly.

Intended for: Professional SLR cameras with or without zoom lenses; video cameras
Max capacity: 5kg (11.1lbs)
Threads: 3/8"and 1/4". Compatable with most tripods
Adapter: Universal mounting plate (1/4" tripod screw)
Size: 68 x 63 x 83mm (2.7 x 2.5 x 3.3")
Weight: 262g (9.26oz)
Habitat: Optimized for the Gorillapod Focus, but compatible with most tripods

July 2010